Site Update

Argh! I haven’t been doing much with this SB since I started it but this has changed! *shouts and screams* I’ve added a bunch of links to my favourite Anime download sites – note that these are ALL direct download so there is no hassle with P2P and no speed issues (most of the time). One or two of the sites also support BT so there is that if you wanna use it. These sites are all very good (except the one which is good but changes like quicksilver) and are in a league of their own compared to most of the sites out there. They are updated almost every day as well so you can find ongoing series pretty quickly. I have a list of another 50 or so sites which offer downloads but I don’t really use them all that often so I wont put up the links unless someone wants them. If wanted I can put up a link to a list of top anime download sites (I wont guarentee the quality of these site though).

For reasons known only to my bored mind I decided to make a banner! I pretty much just copied the background bit off my favourite wall and put the text on. Skilled if I say so myself! Lemme know if its good or not so I can change it if I need to *nods*.

Within the next few days I’m gonna put up a bunch of programming articles on the following:

  • How to use a template when designing forms
  • Proper naming conventions for variables and classes
  • How to properly comment and describe code
  • The usefulness of structures and classes
  • Short description of an awesome control: Explorer Bar and the source code for managing and using it

That aside I’m gonna put up pages for anime reviews as well as site reviews for download sites.

There is a bunch of other stuff as well but I’ll get to it when I do >_<


3 Responses to Site Update

  1. AnimeFreak says:

    Cant wait for the anime review section, this is gonna be a kewl blog, so sekaseru!

  2. Professor_BokDrol says:

    Great blog man! Enjoyed reading!

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