Argh! Windows XP theme ga kieta!

*squint* At first I though I’d made a huge bugger up somewhere… then I though for a bit and blamed it on the program… then I found a website which told me about some possible fixes… none of the fixes worked because the people didn’t really know what they were talking about… then I eventually found a fix which that worked… and I was happy… such is the story of *loud noises* The Vanishing XP Theme!
In case you didn’t know, the default Windows XP theme is called Luna (a cool name) and can be found in the Windows directory under Resources\Themes. The actual theme file is luna.msstyles located in the Luna subdirectory. If you are like me then you may have had the misfortune of experiencing the following:

  • You boot into Windows XP and instead of the default XP style theme you have the old school Windows theme
  • You right-click and go to Properties – Appearance and lo and behold – there is no Windows XP theme listed! *shock*
  • Try as you might you can’t select the Windows XP style because the only option is Windows Classic style *you start getting worried/irritated*
  • You search the internet and find a link telling you to double-click the luna.msstyles file in the Themes folder and you do so only to have it *poong* out an error message stating that there is… an error! *great shock and increased worry/irritation*
  • You search the internet further until you realise that the world is full of imbeciles who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about and start to give up on ever resolving the problem without reformatting Windows XP

Fortunately there is a solution! Two in fact, one of which should work regardless of the situation. Now, let me first say that the most common cause for this problem is uninstalling an application. How uninstalling an application does this I don’t know and it really shouldn’t happen. Another cause is hard drive problems or viruses or tampering which corrupts the Luna theme file(s). Should the file(s) be corrupt simply search the internet for Luna theme download or luna.msstyles download and download the theme files. Once you have them copy them and overwrite the existing files within the theme folder. If this does not solve the problem then the following will be the most likely solution:

  • Right-click on My Computer and click on Manage to bring up the Computer Management display. You can also access this through Control Panel – Administritive Tools – Computer Management
  • Yoshi, now double-click Services and Applications at the bottom on the left-hand side
  • Now left-click/double-click Services just underneath it and the list of services will be displayed on the right hand side
  • Look for the service called Themes (it will most likely be disabled or set to manual) and double-click it
  • In the middle of the form that pops up will be a label saying Startup Type with three choices
  • Select Automatic and click OK
  • The XP theme will return either immediately or the next time you boot into Windows XP

And that is that. Why themes are a service I don’t know – and don’t care – but it is rather a nuisance. If this doesn’t solve the problem then I don’t know what will.


One Response to Argh! Windows XP theme ga kieta!

  1. FuSama says:

    Hahaha…don’t you just love Microsoft. Uninstalling an app causes a theme to disappear – madness I tell you!

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