>_< Originally I had two request pages – one for anime and one for programming – but since nobody actually posted anything there I thought “bugger that then” and have now merged those two unsuccessful pages into the one you see before you. In fear of not getting any traffic to the page I have… done nothing since if noone does anything here then it’s not really a problem.

In any case, the purpose of this page is to allow you, the visitor, to request stuff. Originally, requests were restricted to anime reviews, programming help and things along those lines but this has now been upgraded to being able to request anything. Nothing lewd or of a highly adult nature mind you. The kinda requests I’m ready to accept are those which are sensible, serviceable and possible. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about then here’s a few ideas:

  • Asking me to review a particular anime (series, OVA, movie) and adding it to the reviews section
  • Asking me to put up links to a good direct download site
  • Asking me to help you find a direct download link/site to a particular anime – this does not include BT since if you don’t know how to find a torrent then there is nothing I can do to help you
  • Asking me for links to good wallpaper sites
  • Asking me to put up a specific page for something you want
  • Asking me for help in solving a programming problem
  • Asking for links/sites for programming languages and tutorials
  • Asking for help with programming concepts
  • Asking me to code a program or library (within reason otherwise you’ll have to pay me ^_^)
  • Asking me to make changes to the SB

… and so on. As you can see I’m pretty open to new ideas and willing to make changes. A SB doesn’t work without user involvement so I really don’t mind changing things or adding new content. Keeps me busy. That being said do what you will.


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