Following with the original intentions of this SB I’ve added this reviews page. Basically it’ll have reviews on whatever people want reviewed. In terms of anime I’ve seen and have over 500 titles (series, OVA’s and movies) so there is no way in hell I’m just gonna write a review on each of them. This means that if you want to find out about a title then you must request it and I’ll put a review up. Bear in mind that a review includes a description of the title, a rating, screenshots, download links, etc. Plus people can put up their own comments on that title once the page is up so you can get a better overall picture. If a title is requested that I haven’t seen then I’ll try and get hold of as much information as possible and then use that until I have seen it.

Anime aside I’m more than willing to do reviews on programming languages, web sites, applications, utilities, etc. If there’s a review for current television series or movies then I won’t put up links to those since that is horribly illegal but if you really want them I can tell you where to go and how to find them.

As a last note, if you feel that there is content, either displayed or linked to, on this page which is illegal or of a an offensive nature contact me directly and I’ll make a plan. In this regard my email address is Folks, feel free to get hold of me on MSN if you want to speak to me directly – use my email address.

Okay, so there aren’t any reviews right now but there will be eventually so fear not.


One Response to Reviews

  1. DudeMeister says:

    What is Busou Renkin like. Could you give a brief description and maybe a rating compared to other similiar anime. It seems to take a lot from Full Metal Alchemist from what I’ve heard. Thanks a million,

    The DudeMeister

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